Sunday, January 8, 2012

New beginnings

Well since it has been over a year since my last post I guess I should do something! The last year has brought us many blessings. We are still loving the new house. All three kids are in school and I find myself busier than ever!

The past few months have brought about a few changes for me personally. I joined a biggest laser club with a few friends about 10 weeks ago. To date I have lost almost 20 pounds! It has been really hard to give up caffeine and all my favorite foods. I find myself having to make the choice every time I open the fridge or cupboard to say- I don't need a cookie, eat an orange. It's hard! But it has been worth it! I am really close to my goal for January. And hope to make it to my final goal by the end of march/ mid April. It would give me a total of 50 lbs lost! Wish me luck!
Chad has been very supportive and tries really hard to not crave sweets because I can't have them in the house!
for Christmas chad and I gave the kids the est present ever according to them! A new addition to our family! Her name is Leia. She is about 2 and is the sweetest thing ever! Her picture is posted. The kids love playing with her and following her around the house. We go on walks daily and she really keeps me moving! No rest for the lazy!
Ok my iPad won't let me post a pic so I will try to remember to do that tomorrow!

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Charlotte said...

WOW....and I feel like a slacker if I go more than a week without updating my blog :)